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I meet a problem when doing the YAHOO.widget.CalendarGroup.
I want to do it like this, if the page widtha is less than 720px, the CalendarGroup PAGES property is 1
enter image description here,
if more than 720px, the CalendarGroup use the default PAGES property is 2enter image description here.
I use


but it doesn't work, I found in the document here:

pages - Number The number of pages to include in the CalendarGroup. This value can only be set once, in the CalendarGroup's constructor arguments. Default Value: 2

Seems we can't change the pages property after the initicalization. How could I change the pages based on the change of my browser width? THANKS.

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As it says: "This value can only be set once, in the CalendarGroup's constructor arguments". Use the constructor, like this:

var myCalObject = new YAHOO.widget.CalendarGroup(
    calObject + "Container", 
    { pages: 2, close: true, iframe: false }
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