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as you can see at he right, the _imaging.c module IS presant

when i try to

import Pillow.selftest

no problem. but, as you can see,

import Pillow._imaging

raises a importerror. i have been trying to rename the c-module, move it to the Lib folder, importing other (.py) modules in same folder, which works. nothing seems to work, any idea why?

as you can see, im using windows 7, python 3.3 and the pillow fork of PIL

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Which version of Pillow are you using? Neither the 1.1.7 or 2.0.0 have import Pillow._imaging as core within

It looks like you have copied the contents of the source archive into Lib without running, which will be necessary to compile the C modules. Try using the Windows installer available on PyPi

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