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I am using this code to get and minimize all open Word documents.

Word.Application wordApp = new Word.Application();
Word.Documents docs = wordApp.Documents;

wordApp.ScreenUpdating = true;
wordApp.WindowState = Word.WdWindowState.wdWindowStateMinimize;

But documents list is empty despite the fact that I have open Word 2010 documents in Windows 7. Also minimization is not working.

How can I get and minimize all open Word documents?

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new Word.Application() will always create a new instance of Word.

to connect to an existing instance, you can use

Word.Application wordApp = (Word.Application)System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.GetActiveObject("Word.Application");

(this is similar to the VB/VBA "GetObject" function).

Then you should be able to access your documents.

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