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This is my basic webapp folder structure:

-> server
   |-> all geddy.js files (is a REST app)
-> client (angularjs managed with yeoman)
   |-> app
   |-> test
   |-> [...]

As I am in development mode I have not yet 'built' my client app into the public folder of the geddy.js app. So is it possible to point the 'public' directory to my 'client/app' directory via a config setting? Or am I totally using the wrong approach?


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Found the solution by looking in the terminal output. It prints the config object:

var config = {
 detailedErrors: true
 , debug: true
 , hostname: null
 , staticFilePath: 'path/to/public'


So adding:

staticFilePath: 'path/to/public'

to the config object makes sense :)

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