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I have a list of name in series like:


Now what i want is to show these name in grid like this


and so on i dont want number and . into grid.

how can i do that i am using asp.net4.0 web application

for example i have a string like this:

 1.WROBEL/TERESA   2.WROBEL/MAREK                                             
 1   ORD LH  433 K 28AUG 1015P OK KKNC2N   CN10   28AUG28AUG 1PC                
 2 X FRA LH 1378 K 29AUG  405P OK KKNC2N   CN10   29AUG29AUG 1PC                
 3 O GDN LO  359 W 15SEP  800A OK KKNC2N   CN10   15SEP15SEP 1PC                
 4 X FRA LH  432 K 15SEP  530P OK KKNC2N   CN10   15SEP15SEP 1PC                
 FARE  U USD     174.00                                                          
 TX001 X USD   541.00YQAC TX002 X USD     5.50YCAE TX003 X USD    17.20USAP      
 TX004 X USD    17.20USAS TX005 X USD     5.00XACO TX006 X USD     7.00XYCR      
 TX007 X USD     2.50AYSE TX008 X USD    51.08RAEB TX009 X USD    17.16DESE      
 TX010 X USD     0.22NDAD TX011 X USD    14.78XWAE TX012 X USD     4.50XF        
 TOTAL   USD     857.14                                                          
 GRAND TOTAL USD     857.14                                                      
 CHI LH X/FRA LH GDN86.85KKNC2N/CN10 LO X/FRA LH CHI86.85KKNC2N/                 
 CN10 NUC173.70END ROE1.000000 XF ORD4.5                                         


59.FM *M*0

now i create a function where i use my coding part like this:

public class Detail
    string output;
    DataTable dt = new DataTable();
    DataRow dr = null;
     public DataTable GetDetail(List<string> request, List<string> Request)
            string item = data;
            dr = dt.NewRow();
            Regex regex1 = new Regex(@"(FXP\S{3,20})|(\r\s{3}.\S+(.+))", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase | RegexOptions.Compiled);
            foreach (Match m in regex1.Matches(data))
                output = m.ToString();
               dr["Passenger Name"] = output;
            return dt; 

in this i get result in the same row like the below screenshot enter image description here

in 2nd row their are two name i want each name in different row like this

enter image description here

but not number and .

Thanks in advance

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I edit the string and according to that string my regex work in my regex it fetch name from the string but it fetch those name in series what i want is to take name without number, . and space into gridview in row wise manner –  amy May 10 '13 at 13:06

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I don't understand your RegEx but this works as far as I've tested:

Regex regex1 = new Regex(@"(?<=\d\.)([^\s]*)(?=\s)");

or use:

Regex.Split(string, @"\s*\d\.\s*");
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basically this regex is only used for my code sry i didn't mention it –  amy May 10 '13 at 11:00
your regex work fine but i have a list of string not only single string and when i use ur regex it match other than name to –  amy May 10 '13 at 11:01
What else does it match? Try to be more specific and I'll try to craft more suitable regex. –  filipko May 10 '13 at 11:02
wait let me paste few more string to you –  amy May 10 '13 at 11:04
@amitesh Don't use Regex.Split, it works differently. Use Regex.Match. Does this work for you? –  filipko May 10 '13 at 11:15

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