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I'm developping a Windows Mobile application for my PDA using the Compact Framework 3.5. I have a Form and I need to catch all the hardware keys of this PDA:

enter image description here

So, if I press a number button, the "Send" button, or the "Camera" button I want to know which button was pressed.

I tried using the KeyDown end KeyUp event of my Form, but not all keys are intercepted. I tried also to PInvoke the AllKeys API, but in this way I can disable/enable all key excepts the camera key, and this is not what I want.

I need the complete control of my hardware keys. How can I do?

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You can catch all keys that produce keyboard messages:

If a key does not issue a keyboard message (like for example the scan button on Intermec issues a named event) you cannot catch it. Possibly the OEM provides an SDK for these keys too.

See also

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To catch everything, you should use the SDK provided by the device manufacturer.

As you have found, KeyDown and KeyUp will only catch items that are connected to the Windows operating system.

Camera, Barcode Scanning, and Power Buttons are not items typically found electronic devices running Windows, and I do not believe there is an industry standard key assignment for those.

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