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Simple Question: Seems I cannot find the tag attribute for MKPointAnnotation class. It return error;

MKPointAnnotation *annotation = [[HCIAnnotationViewController alloc]

The following returns error (Property tag not found ob object of type "MKPointAnnotation"


My question is, if Im not allowed to set the tag, How am I supposed to detect which annotation was clicked.

The other approaches I followed are

Setting tag for MkAnnotationView, However in this what I found out is that the last annotation when added doesn't immediately call for viewForAnnotation (Might be because I'm adding around 1000 MkPointAnnotations to a small map, so it only calls when it comes to view.).

Please tell me how to resolve this?

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Since MKPointAnnotation is not a subclass of UIView, has not a property called tag. Bu you have the property coordinate. I assume you have different coordinates for all of your annotations. So you can detect which one.

You just need to compare the coordinates.

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