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We have to demonstrate an agent system for our assignment, we have to demonstrate following agent features

  1. Emergent Property
  2. Adaptability
  3. Butterfly Effect (small change in locally, make global huge change)

We are going to use JADE as a agent development platform, we already developed basic agents, but we are unable to implement the above behaviours to the agents. can someone have an idea of how to do that ?

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You can implement a MAS based on the ant colony heuristic to find the shortest path from an origin to a target. Each ant is modeled as an agent. They communicate with each other through pheromone exchange. The ants' goal is to find a target. The emergent property is the MAS finding the shortest path between the source and the target, even this is not an explicit goal for each agent - this is an emergent behavior of the MAS as a whole. You can change the environment (e.g. terrain or put obstacles) and the ants still must be able to find the target and converge to the new shortest path. A small change in the pheromone evaporation rate can destroy the communication system; therefore, the MAS will not be able to find the shortest path.

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Well explained. Thank You –  user1479203 May 13 '13 at 8:58

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