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I found a solution and it was to do with the service function being asynchronous so when it came to drawing the polyline there was nothing there! The idea popped into my head after reading this.

I fixed the issue by re-factoring my code so that the buildPath is now called recursively and addPolyLine is now part of the callback too.

I am trying to draw multiple polylines onto the map but are also snapped to the nearest road. I cannot find a solution. I believe it may be something to do with not waiting for the directions service to return a route?

I have a 2D array that contains coordinates for each road to be drawn. Each column holds the coordinates that represents a road and the top row of the array contains a colour code. This is what I have at the moment:

        // Draw the roads.
        var pathlines = new Array();
        for(var i=0; i<roads.length; i++) {
            var pathLine = {
                    color: roads[i][0],
                    coords: [],
                    road: roads[i]

// Each pathLine object holds the data for each road to be drawn.

        for(var i=0; i<pathlines.length;i++){

The second for loop passes the pathline objects to getDirectionsPath. This will use the directions service to snap the coordinates to the nearest road and then use these new coordinates to draw a polyline. buildPath takes a pair of coordinates and finds the route between them. This is then concatenated with an array that contains the route path. I have tested using an alert after the getDirectionsPath for loop has completed. This should print the new coordinates, however it is blank so they are not storing correctly.

I believe the problem lies in the buildPath function and more specifically the way I am using the DirectionsService.

    function getDirectionsPath(pathline) {
    for(var i=1; i<pathline.road.length-1; i++) {
        buildPath(pathline, i);
    //alert(pathline.coords);  // ALERT HERE PRINTS NOTHING - COORDS NOT STORED?

function buildPath(pathline, x) {
    var service = new google.maps.DirectionsService();
        origin: pathline.road[x],
        destination: pathline.road[x+1],
        travelMode: google.maps.DirectionsTravelMode.DRIVING }, 
        function(result, status) {
            if(status == google.maps.DirectionsStatus.OK) {
                pathline.coords = pathline.coords.concat(result.routes[0].overview_path);


function addPolyline(pathLine) {
    var polyline = new google.maps.Polyline({
        path: pathLine.coords,
        strokeColor: pathLine.color,
        strokeOpacity: 0.5,
        strokeWeight: 2,
        map: map,
        visible: true

Here is my map: maps.html

The polylines are meant to be drawn along with the houses once you click. The coordinates should draw lines on Lincoln's Inn Fields and Chancery Ln.

Javascript source: maps.js

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