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I'm getting crazy with a bad memory access in a qt program when i'm using qglwidget::rendertext function. My program is super simple, I'm only one pointer, but the crash doesn't seem relate to that because the debugger stops sometimes when i call rendertext, sometimes when i close the programs. i'm not experienced c++ programmer and this is getting me crazy.

but i've found this BUG REPORT. It seems recent (Updated: 25/Apr/13 8:47 AM) and due to the fact I don't know what to do with this bad memory access i think it worths to give it a try.

the solution patch is posted here but i don't know what to do.. do i have to recompile all qt 4.8? only the opengl part? can i avoid to recompile everything?

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Go to the directory where you compiled Qt and change the file qt/src/opengl/qpaintengine_opengl.cpp. Make the changes that the author made, or download the author's file and replace it in your source directory. Change directory to the main qt directory and run make. Be sure not to re-run ./configure before you do the make or it will rebuild the whole thing.

After make has finished, run sudo make install and it will put the newly compiled QPaintEngine module into your install directory. Unfortunately, I don't know if this will work if you have a number of configurations (like static libraries), but it's worth a try.

I have done this with modules in QtMobility hundreds of times. You also have to remember that you have a Frankenstein's Monster version of Qt now, and when you upgrade remember to re-patch if the change was not committed to the newest build.

Hope this helps.

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