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I have using dojo.xhrPost method in Dojo and trying to call url from different domain server REST services. I have facing problem in cross-domain.

I have getting ERROR ::: “ RequestError: Unable to load status: 0”

Please help me.

Regards&Thanks, Vijayalaxmi

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You need to implement JSONP or Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) to manage cross domain calls. Both are techniques for the REST API that is nothing you can do on the client side.

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dojo.xhrPost is deprecated and will be removed.

Use dojo/request/script with dojo 1.9 :

require(['dojo','dojo/ready','dojo/_base/lang','dojo/_base/array', 'dojo/request/script' ],
    function(dojo, ready, lang, array,script){
            request.get('',{jsonp: "callback"}).then(function(resJson){
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