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When I try to start the server on windows: Open a windows command prompt, go to the neo4j bin directory and execute Neo4j.bat.

I get this error message:

Error: Unable to access jarfile C:\app\NEO4J-~1.2\bin\windows-service-wrapper-*.jar

What do I need to change in the bat files that it works?

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Replace the * with the version of the neo4j you have downloaded.

  1. go to the bin directory
  2. open the base.bat file and look for something like this set wrapperJarFilename=windows-service-wrapper-*.jar
  3. replace the * with the version of the jar file windows-service-wrapper-4.jar (this jar file will be in your bin directory). In my case the version is 4 so replace * with 4.
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perfect, thanks alot –  haschibaschi May 10 '13 at 15:40

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