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I have written a simple Ember code which is accessing a REST Service. As I am new to Ember I am not aware of how to run it on localhost.

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Have you seen the guides, Ember101 or EmberWatch? can you please edit your question with details of the steps you've taken so far and what went wrong. – MilkyWayJoe May 10 '13 at 13:21
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You need to use a webserver which you can run locally on your machine. If that is what you mean else please provide more detail to your question.

For example:

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i tried it on apache but it was not working as my skype was using the port 80 which is used by apche so after disablling that in skype it worked for me then i It worked with both Apcahe and tomcat. thanks – user1785607 May 11 '13 at 7:00

Ember is a client side framework, it doesn't run on a server, it gets served to a client (browser) and runs on it. You can use any web server for this purpose (apache, nginx...).

If you just want to play with it you can create an index.html file where you include ember and your javascript files and open it with a browser

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You can use the serve Ruby Gem

gem install serve

From the root of your ember app


In your browser navigate to


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