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I want generate kanban labels from Trac tickets. Trac exports tickets in xml format, so I want generate labels using this file using, for example, Libreoffice. I want print labels, because I prefer physical slate.

Is this possible? Are there better solution?


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There's a solution which is both open source and would interact with Trac tickets. It's called JimFlow and can be found here:


Some benefits of it for you are.

  • Print tickets directly out of the ticket system
  • Supports flow boards with columns
  • Take photos in custom intervals
  • Generate digital version of the board with ticket title and type
  • Update ticket in ticket system on movement

Overall, it will allow you manage your Trac Kanban board virtually and your physical real world board simultaneously.

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I't a good solution, but we use www.repositoryhosting.com and we can't install plugins. –  angelcervera May 12 '13 at 14:41

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