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Maven : Strange ClassNotFoundException of Primefaces library on deploy

Hi there everyone!

The link above mostly describes my problem, but since it is not solved I'm a bit stucked with this. So the problem is the vast number of warning messages, which appear when I'm deploying the application. I'm using Glassfish 3.1.2, Maven 2.2.1 and Primefaces 3.4. Like in the post mentioned, there is no problem with the functionality of the application, so this does not affects anything besides my nerves :) I think these messages are totally unnecessary and I would REALLY like to get rid of them.

Below is pom.xml where the primefaces dependencies are loaded:



As a workaround, I tried setting log levels for any jsf components in the glassfish admin console, but with no luck.

Thank you very much in advance!

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Ok, I've found the solution (or workaround) for this issue. You have to set the javax.enterprise.system.container.web logger in Glassfish to SEVERE level, this way the warnings does not appear.

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