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If subclass in objective-c wants to override a super class's method, does it have to match the return type too?

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It's almost always a bad idea to override a superclass method to return a different type. Doing so makes your subclass' API incompatible with the superclass' usage, so client code cannot substitute your subclass for a superclass. Bad, bad, bad. –  Barry Wark Oct 30 '09 at 17:27

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Yes, it must have the same selector.


IIRC the arguments also needs to have the same types.


It seems that all methods of the same selector needs to have equivalent types across all classes when linking dynamically, not so with static linking: linky

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Yes, It be same,

But one thing to be noted is you need to pass the super-class of return types.



you can return UIview as well. (simply saying super class of return types).

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