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When I'm working on some particular feature I often fix other pretty much unrelated but easy-to-fix stuff. I make some "dirty" commits during the work. When the feature is finished, I spend a lot of time with hg histedit trying to rearrange all the changes I've made to get nice clean commits before I push them into public. The process is kind of tedious and error-prone, I believe there should be some other way to work.

I've recently found out MercurialMq extension. Am I right thinking that it was designed exactly to facilitate the process I described?

UPD: What about Shelve? How these two are related?

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Yes. MQ ideally fits into "some set of WIP tasks" and designed for this job

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MQ was indeed designed for the kind of thing you're doing. Shelve is much simpler; you can put aside uncommitted changes (some or all) so they don't get in the way of mercurial operations. I use it a lot, because I don't want to bother with a lot of rearranging.

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