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I am a ruby beginner and I have a question about how to use mysql with grape.

Do I have to call everytime I want to use my database or is there a better way to do this?

I tried to make the new in initialize of my class API < Grape::API but it doesn't seem to work...

Any suggestion?

EDIT: Here is some code of something i did and that works fine, but i would like to improve this by not connecting to sql everytime if possible:

class API < Grape::API

  before do
   header "Access-Control-Allow-Origin", "*"
   @db_co ="localhost", "root", "toto", "youfight_userapp")

 resource :users do

  get :toto do
   result = @db_co.query("SELECT username FROM users WHERE id = 104")

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If you add instance variables to your API class, they aren't always accessible in the way you expect in Grape. For instance, all your routes become separate Grape::Endpoint objects. I suggest you paste up some code in the question, just a minimal version of what you are trying to do. – Neil Slater May 10 '13 at 15:15

I would strongly recommend you to use some kind of ORM. We ran into a lot of issues when we were trying to write ours API the way you are yours and in the end we switched to ORM. We choose datamapper, but there are lots of other choices. For example sequel seems to be quite solid.

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