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I am trying to launch my app on a device. After I type in ./fruitstrap -d -b it seems like it'll work, but after this line:

[ 11%] Copying /Users/"user_name"/"repo"/build/Debug-iphonesimulator to device

I get this:

Assertion failed: (AMDeviceTransferApplication(afcFd, path, NULL, transfer_callback, NULL) == 0), function handle_device, file fruitstrap.c, line 424. Abort trap: 6

Has anyone else had this problem?


Okay, I was entering the wrong path. I am entering the entire path now, but I am getting this now:

[ 60%] InspectingPackage AMDeviceInstallApplication failed: -402653103

This forum is helpful, but still it hasn't helped me solve my problem.

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I was entering the wrong path. I should have entered the path for a file with the .app suffix.

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