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Hi my code returns all the html of the iframe. I would like just the body html. Any one know how to amend to suit?


alert( $("#uploaderIframe").contents()[0].documentElement.innerHTML );
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var iframeHtml = $("#uploaderIframe").contents()[0].documentElement.innerHTML;
var bodyHtml = $(iframeHtml).find("body").html();
alert( bodyHtml );

.. probably creates a new DOM node from the innerHTML of the iFrame - I actually suspect that $(iframeHtml).find("body") is an empty jQuery object.


var bodyHtml = $('#uploaderIframe').contents().find("body").html()

Ref: Traversing/contents

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thankyou perfect –  Phil Jackson Oct 30 '09 at 9:17

Try this:

iframeHtml = $("#uploaderIframe").contents()[0].documentElement.innerHTML;
bodyHtml = $(iframeHtml).find("body");
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