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I have a ManageItemVC that has a bunch of UITextFields, and one is for price. I've put a placeholder as 0.00, and the user can use the decimal keyboard to input. I'd like to always keep it in a #.## state, as in, no matter how big the number is, it should always have two decimal places (for cents). If the user taps the . in the keyboard (decimal point), I don't want it to add that, because I already have that decimal point in my text field.

I tried implementing the code here, in the accepted answer, and I know that's a delegate method that UITextFieldDelegate provides, but where do I place this method? Should I subclass UITextField, put that method in there and then set it as the class of that price textfield I have? Or should I just place it in my ManageItemVC?


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No, you don't have to subclass the UITextField,

1) delegate,

@interface  ManageItemVC ()<UITextFieldDelegate>

2) set self as the textfield's delegate,

myTextField.delegate = self;
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That's it, I had forgotten to forget to set the delegate! Thanks! –  wreckingcode May 10 '13 at 17:12

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