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I'm trying to use ctags with my python project, but am running into the problem that ctags recognizes import lines as definitions. The advice I found was to add the line:


to my ~/.ctags file. However, I'm doing this from a Windows machine and can't find the equivalent of the .ctags file. I've tried looking in my $HOME dir as well as my ctags dir. I've tried to google the issue, but haven't had any luck.

Is this a file I need to create myself and if so, where should I put it? In the same dir as the tags file I'm creating?

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The HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH environment variables define the $HOME location.

This page shows an example of setting up the ctags $HOME on Windows.

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The sysinternals process monitor is afair the windows equivalent strace; fire it up and watch what files ctags is looking for at startup.

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