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I'm using Dir.glob to visit the set of all files matching a wildcard pattern.

Dir.glob( '**/*.txt' ) { |file_name|
    parse file_name

Because this glob call is recursive and because lots of files are involved, glob takes a long time to build the array of files before the block starts.

What I want instead is a way of visiting all of the same files, but calling the block immediately after Ruby "discovers" each file, so that the first file is processed right away rather than after waiting for the whole directory tree to finish being searched.

Is there such a construction?

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Maybe use Dir.foreach and use a pattern in the block? The Find module may be of use too. – squiguy May 10 '13 at 17:18

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It seems no built-in way can do this.

Hope this may help you. Find files by expanding pattern recursively (Ruby 1.9.3):

class Dir
   def self.glob_recursively( pattern, &block )
       glob(pattern, &block)
       dirs = glob('*').select { |f| f }
       dirs.each do |dir|
         # Do not process symlink
         next if File.symlink? dir
         chdir dir
         glob_recursively(pattern, &block)
         chdir '..'
     rescue SystemCallError => e
       # STDERR
       warn "ERROR: #{pwd} - #{e}"

Dir.glob_recursively ('*.txt') {|file| puts file}
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