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Since MySQL's utf8 doesn't support 4 byte characters, I'm looking for a way to detect and eliminate any 4 byte utf8 characters from a string in Ruby. I understand that I can update my table to use utf8m4 but for a couple reasons that's not possible or the desired solution.

Simply encoding the string to ASCII will remove these characters but will also remove all other non-ASCII characters, which is not good.

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The following seems to work for me in Ruby 1.9.3:

input.each_char.select{|c| c.bytes.count < 4 }.join('')

For example:

input = "hello \xF0\xA9\xB6\x98 world"                  # includes U+29D98
input.each_char.select{|c| c.bytes.count < 4 }.join('') # 'hello  world'
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Thanks! Seems obvious now that you've suggested it. I was so deep in thinking about encodings, I didn't think to simply look at the byte count of each character. –  JZC May 10 '13 at 17:48
How is the performance of this with a long string? 5000+ chars? –  Arnold Roa Jul 17 '14 at 3:14

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