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I have a data set in an array in Matlab and a point.

I would like to see where the new point stands with respect to the previous data.

I am currently plotting the array using:


The output of which is a graph I would like to add to them a point and make it visible.

If you have any way let me know

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plot(1:length(PreviousPoints), PreviousPoints, newx, newy)


hold on
hold off

(hold on will keep plotting things on top of each other until you turn it off)

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You can set the color and style of the new point, e.g. plot(newPt,'k*'), or you can use the bar command (where you will have to pick an x, e.g. bar(length(PreviousPoints)+1, newValue) –  Rex Kerr May 10 '13 at 18:33

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