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Is it possible to completely disable functionality of '' app in "django-oscar"?

As I see it's used in many places, so simple removal from INSTALLED_APPS doesn't work and perhaps simplest way is to just hide it in templates. Is there better solution?

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As of version 0.5, there isn't a single setting that will turn reviews on and off: you'll need to perform a few steps.

  1. Remove any references from the templates (as you mentioned).
  2. Remove the reviews URLs. This requires you to provide your own for the catalogue app which doesn't link to the reviews See

This is probably more difficult than it should be. I'll look into providing a setting that disables reviews for 0.6. Ticket here:

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Thank you, David. – Dmitry Ziolkovskiy May 17 '13 at 11:08
This is an update to the previous answer. As of version 0.6 (current master), add OSCAR_HIDDEN_FEATURES = ['reviews'] to the Thanks David for implementing this. – Goran Rakic Oct 25 '13 at 10:11

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