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Colon (:) is not considered a word delimiter when I double-click a word in the Eclipse CDT editor to select it. How do I make double-click selection treat colon as a delimiter?

If the solution is file-type dependent, I need it to work while editing makefiles.

I have found an FAQ about extending the editor to change double-click selection strategy, but I'm looking for a configuration or plugin solution, which does not require Eclipse development on my part.

At the time of writing, I am using the newest Eclipse CDT:

 Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers	epp.package.cpp
 Eclipse Platform   3.5.1.M20090917-0800	org.eclipse.platform.ide
 EPP CPP Feature	org.eclipse.epp.package.cpp.feature.feature.group
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Not sure this question should still be open.

Anyway FYI I just tried on the latest CDT version based on Eclipse Juno, the colon character is working as word delimiter when you double-click on a word.

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