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With the use of a mild hack, it is possible to make static frameworks for iOS. Static frameworks are quite convenient to use: they can simply be dropped into new projects without extra steps (like adding them to the build and adding header search paths).

I've recently started doing OS X programming, and the first thing I noticed was that static frameworks don't seem to be available. Dynamic frameworks are obviously available and recommended, but as I want to make a little private framework intended for application use (not installation in /Library/Frameworks), using a dynamic framework in new application projects still requires a bunch of extra steps.

In my ideal world, I'd create a static framework (a framework which contains header files and a compiled .a file), drag & drop the framework onto a new project, and start coding. Is there any way to make such a static framework on OS X?

P.S. I already tried setting the Mach-O output type to "static library" in a normal framework project, but I just get the error Framework target has invalid MACH_O_TYPE value of 'staticlib'..

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Static libraries are not really a thing on OS X. They're only used on iOS because dynamic loading is difficult (maybe even impossible?) in signed apps. Use dynamic frameworks, following the instructions you linked to. –  duskwuff May 10 '13 at 19:27
"Static libraries are not really a thing on OS X." that's... not true. –  Billy Gray Jun 22 '13 at 16:57
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