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I have some machines that when accessing SSRS Reports show "Internet" or "Unknown Zone(Mixed) instead of "Local Intranet". Some user never report this problem, for others it appears consistent. These machines should be all setup the same. We access the SSRS reports with a url like http://test-intranet.example.com. Have checked the security settings on the IE and that should consider all *.example.com pages as local intranet. Very annoying this issue, anybody having a clue what component doesn't play well here ?

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In the IE connection settings do all of your machines ignore local proxy server for the address you mentioned.

Assuming it's internal, and assuming you have a proxy, then there should be no need going to the proxy for internal addresses.

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These settings are given to all clients through policies and they are set up that all urls that end with xxx.com are excluded from being sent through the proxy. I could get a bit closer to the cause meanwhile. It seems to be related with the token size of the user. We have it only with users that have a token that is >8k. Still frustrating to hit such issues in 2009 with IE. –  nojetlag Nov 2 '09 at 8:17

Have you added the Kerberos Token Size hot fix (KB327825) to the machines (desktops and servers)? You'll also want to roll out the registry setting via a script or GPO (kb938118).

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