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I'm using Twitter's activerecord-reputation-system gem which has been easy to get set up but running into a challenge getting the rating a source provided on a target.

My model looks like this with the user bing the source (the one doing the rating)

class Item < ActiveRecord::Base

has_reputation :ratings,
:source => :user,
:aggregated_by => :average

I'm able to add ratings for users easily enough with:

@item.add_evaluation(:ratings, 3, @user)

I can then see if that user has already rated an item with

has_evaluation?(:ratings, @user)

This returns the boolean. What I'd like to get is the value of the rating that the user gave to that item (not just its existence). I guess what I want is a has_evaluation_value function or something which doesn't seem to exist that. Am I missing something?

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You can read everything you need on the GitHub repos README.

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Thanks, but that gives me the average rating for the item (average over all user ratings). I'm looking for the rating on the item that current_user gave it. In other words I'd like to show the user the average rating as well as his own personal rating. –  gmgreg May 10 '13 at 21:08

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