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Long question

Is it possible to add a DOM element only if it does not already exists?


I have implemented the requirement like so:

var ins = $("a[@id='iframeUrl']");
ins.siblings('#myIframe:first').remove().end().parent().prepend('<iframe id="myIframe"  src="'+ins.attr("href")+'"></iframe>');

Is it possible to replace the second line with something more elegant? Like ins.siblings('#myIframe:first').is().not().parent().prepend ...

I could check ins.siblings('#myIframe:first').length and then add IFrame, but the curiosity took over and I'm trying to do that in the least amount of statements possible.

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I think the way you suggested (counting length) is the most efficient way, even if it does involve a bit more code:

var ins = $("a[@id='iframeUrl']");

if(ins.siblings('#myIframe:first').length == 0)
    ins.parent().prepend('<iframe id="myIframe"  src="'+ins.attr("href")+'"></iframe>');

Also, the :first selector would be redundant here as there should only ever be one element with that ID, so:

var ins = $("a[@id='iframeUrl']");

if($('#myIframe').length == 0)
    ins.parent().prepend('<iframe id="myIframe"  src="'+ins.attr("href")+'"></iframe>');

would also work.

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was about to post that. +1 – mauris Oct 30 '09 at 10:44
Out of interest, what if we do not pay attention to efficiency, are the other way without checking the length property or using any "normal" boolean operations? Are there a way to do that using only jQuery and function chaining? My curiosity organ is itching (-. – Audrius Oct 30 '09 at 10:55
Not that I'm aware of, other than the solution you posted (removing first whether it exists or not then re-adding). There's some discussion here though:… – Mark Bell Oct 30 '09 at 11:47
Ok, thanks for link. – Audrius Nov 2 '09 at 12:45
you'd think that jquery would have a util for whether or not an element exists instead of remembering to use the length of an element equating to zero. I keep forgetting about that trick :-| – sksallaj Sep 5 '12 at 20:50

I needed something similar and I always try to reduce the amount of code, so I wrote this little helper function (TypeScript).

$.fn.getOrAddChild = function(selector: string, html: string): JQuery {
  var $parent = <JQuery>this;
  if (!$parent.length)
    throw new Error("Parent is empty");
  var $child = $parent.children(selector);
  if (!$child.length)
    $child = $(html).appendTo($parent);
  return $child;

// Usage
$("div.myDiv").getOrAddChild("div.myChildDiv", "<div class='myChildDiv'/>");
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Useful, thanks for sharing! – Audrius Mar 23 at 16:47

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