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I have Flash Buider 4.5 Standard licence, and I would like to know if I can use my serial number with the newest version of FB (4.7)?

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Per Adobe Flash Builder product page:

How do I get Flash Builder 4.7 if I already have Flash Builder 4.5?

Existing Flash Builder 4.5 customers will not be prompted to upgrade automatically. Flash Builder 4.5 customers can download the trial version of Flash Builder 4.7 and request a Flash Builder 4.7 serial key.

Flash Builder 4.7 is a complimentary update from version 4.5.

Historically premium versions of Flash Builder and AIR for iOS could be installed as a complimentary update. With Creative Suite, awkwardly uninstalling the old version then installing the new product as a trial to enable the Adobe Application Manager to register the license. As a standalone product, I believe Flash Builder 4.6 accepted a Flash Builder 4.5 serial key.

With Flash Builder 4.7, you need to request a serial key.

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