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I have two lightboxes, one for login, and one for creating an account.
Both lightboxes have links back and forth to eachother.

Link from the login lightbox (always the first link to open):
Don't have an account? <a class="fancybox" href="account-create.html">Create an Account</a>

Link from the create an account lightbox:
Already have an account? <a href="account-login.html">Login</a>

I'm using an onComplete function to resize the fancybox window to the height of the body of the newly loaded html.

This works in Firefox and Safari, but seems to be completely ignored in Chrome. In Chrome, the height remains the same as the original lightbox (first one opened)

Any ideas what I'm missing that's causing this not to work in Chrome?

I'm using:
FancyBox Version: 1.3.4
JQuery Verson 1.9.1

Here's my fancybox call:

    'width'         : 475,
    'type'          : 'iframe',
    'autoScale'     : false,
    'autoDimensions'        : false,
    'scrolling'     : 'no',
    'hideOnContentClick'    : true,
    'centerOnScroll'        : true, 

    'onComplete' : function() {
        $('#fancybox-frame').load(function() {
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Does it work with other browsers? because fancybox v1.3.4 doesn't work with jQuery v1.9+ check stackoverflow.com/q/14344289/1055987 –  JFK May 10 '13 at 20:48
It does, I used the fancybox patch/fix. I have tested in Firefox and Safari and it works just fine in both. –  ByteMyPixel May 10 '13 at 20:55

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