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I am using google registration id in Google cloud messaging for exemple, but I don't understand how this id is generated.

Id it link to the google play account or to the mobile ?

for exemple did two different mobiles using the same google play account will have the same registration id

If a user use two google play accounts, did the registration id will depend of the google play session ?

Thanks for your help

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A GCM Registration id is unique to an android login & the device. If a user signs in to 2 devices using the same login, they will have different GCM Ids. Found the below from this link

An ID issued by the GCM servers to the Android application that allows it to receive messages. Once the Android application has the registration ID, it sends it to the 3rd-party application server, which uses it to identify each device that has registered to receive messages for a given Android application. In other words, a registration ID is tied to a particular Android application running on a particular device.

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Thanks for your answer –  ant May 11 '13 at 8:13

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