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When using ToLocalTime(), how is local time determined? Is local time from the server or the client? My assumption would be the server running the application.

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ToLocalTime(), in this case, executes on the server. Therefore the time is evaluated on the server, and it'll return the server time to the client.

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It is the local time zone of the computer that code is running on. In an ASP.Net application, the code runs on the server - so that's the time zone that it will return.

The behavior of this function is actually dependent on the .Kind property of the source value. From the MSDN link you gave:

  • Utc - This instance of DateTime is converted to local time.
  • Local - No conversion is performed.
  • Unspecified -This instance of DateTime is assumed to be a UTC time, and the conversion is performed as if Kind were Utc.

This is non-obvious behavior. You can read other related problems with the .net DateTime class here and here.

A few other points:

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It is the local time on the server.

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Local here is the timezone of the machine that the function executes on.

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