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I've look through the web and didn't found anything helpful... hope you can help!

I'm running on MacOS X and i'm using Sublime Text 2 to code.

I've found the cmd + B option to build and cmd + shift + B to build and run. Is it possible to run a program (or script) and pass arguments. Exemple: myProg arg1 arg2...etc

Note: i'm using multiples languages (C++,Java,Python...etc) so i hope theres a way to set the args for each project and not for all build.


I want to be able de set the parameters for a program call, a little bit like in eclipse where you can set de arguments when you run your program.

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Let me get it straight: you want always the same set of arguments for a specific program? Or you want to be able to run the code every time with different arguments? –  whatyouhide May 10 '13 at 22:31
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For each project you can create a .sublime-project file with your specific build_system on it:

    "path": "src"
    "name": "Run with args",
    "cmd": ["python", "$file", "some", "args"]

This way you don't pollute the global Build System menu and won't have to worry about switching build system as you switch projects. This file is also easy to access when you need to change the arguments:

Cmd-Shift-P > Edit Project
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buddy if we need to pass dynamic argument every time then what would be the best possible way to get it done....? –  Venkatesh Nadar May 3 at 19:56
What do you mean by dynamic? You have full access to a shell here, you can store your "dynamic" thing in a file, and read it statically in the sublime build. –  OlivierBlanvillain May 3 at 22:38
for instance you want to run nodejs npm installer for underscore then you will write command as in "npm install underscore" but next time you want to load express then you will write command as in "npm install express". So my doubt it do we have provision through keyboard to select arg and use it to load node modules same as we have for finding text in file e.g. : select any text in file then ctrl+F. You will find it in find panel. –  Venkatesh Nadar May 6 at 12:14
Thank you for your reply. Can you please share any macro link as such so that I can start on it.... –  Venkatesh Nadar May 7 at 5:30
If you cannot find the info in a 1 minutes google search, you should probably open a new question... –  OlivierBlanvillain May 7 at 9:17
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