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I am on Ubuntu 12.04. And I need to use 'adb shell' to connect to my device on linux:

I get Insufficient permission when running 'adb shell'as myself. But when I run it as 'root', it works.

How can I fix 'adb shell' so that I don' need to run it as root everytime?

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I guess, the problem and solution are the same as in question "adb devices command not working".

In short: you must inform Ubuntu that android device, connected to USB can be used by unprivileged users (that's forbidden by default).

That's even decribed in official Android Developer's Guide: Configuring USB Access, but I prefer a bit simplier 51-android.rules file.

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Can You try changing the owner of the file adb ?

 sudo chown <usergroup>.<username> adb

This is may work for you!

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'adb' is under my user name and group. I think the permission thing comes up when it needs USB connection or something. –  michael May 10 '13 at 22:53

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