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I have made an INF file, its contents are as follows



; Now installing the ActiveX

but the Control is not registered after Internet Explorer has finished installation, and each time I press F5 to refresh the webpage, my browser shows the Installation prompt.?? which means that it is not installed in my machine. And when I run regasm /tlb /codebase MyControl.dll command it starts working fine... I have written my ActiveX control in C# and here are registering function

    	public static void RegisterClass ( string key )
    		// Strip off HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ from the passed key as I don't need it
    		StringBuilder	sb = new StringBuilder ( key ) ;

    		sb.Replace(@"HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\","") ;
    		// Open the CLSID\{guid} key for write access
    		RegistryKey k	= Registry.ClassesRoot.OpenSubKey(sb.ToString(),true);

    		// And create	the	'Control' key -	this allows	it to show up in
    		// the ActiveX control container
    		RegistryKey ctrl = k.CreateSubKey	( "Control"	) ;
    		ctrl.Close ( ) ;

    		// Next create the CodeBase entry	- needed if	not	string named and GACced.
    		RegistryKey inprocServer32 = k.OpenSubKey	( "InprocServer32" , true )	;
    		inprocServer32.SetValue (	"CodeBase" , Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().CodeBase )	;
    		inprocServer32.Close ( ) ;
    			// Finally close the main	key
    		k.Close (	) ;

Please help me out that why RegisterServer=yes is not calling this function, and I have to call it manually using regasm /tlb /codebase MyControl.dll command?

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did u ever find a solution for this problem? – user208634 Nov 11 '09 at 12:07
I make a workarround for that... as RegisterServer=yes is not working.. I have made an other executable file in C#, and bundled the final .cab file with my executable file and "RegAsm.exe" and from my executable I am calling RegAsm.exe with specified arrguments.. it works fine for me.. if anyproblem let me know – Ummar Nov 13 '09 at 10:50
Look at this… – user432831 Aug 27 '10 at 10:49

There's a bit more detail on how to implement Ummar's workaround in the Downloading C# ActiveX Components through CAB File article on CodeProject

(Disclaimer: I haven't tried it - only found the article a week after I resorted to using ATL and C++ :-( ).

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When the CAB content specified with RegisterServer=yes is registered, it uses regsvr32. Your C# assembly requires regasm, therefore you need an additional mechanism to enforce regasm. The suggested way is with an msi package, which will give the user a way to uninstall your component.

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