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I have a domain

   String name
   String AuthorId
   hasMany = [books:Book]


   String title
   String publisher
   belongsTo = [author:Author]

The only input I can have is AuthorId. With the use of this value how to obtain the records for domain Book using HibernetCriteriaBuilder eq(propertyName, propertyValue)

Thank you!!!

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Before going to the answer, few check points:-
1. id id by default bound to domain class, you might not need an AuthorId.
2. Grails goes by convention. you would like to go with authorId instead of AuthorId to avoid erroneous states .

If you have gone through this page then by now you would have the basic idea about criteria in grails. In addition to that, criteria can also be used in associations.

In your use case, you can do something like this:- If you want to get all the Books from an Author

def books = Author.createCriteria().get{
      eq('AuthorId', authorId)

But that is a lengthy process, this can be done very easily indeed

def books = Author.findByAuthorId(authorId)?.books.
Why do we need a Criteria?

Grails way is much simpler: def books = Author.get(id)?.books

In criteria this becomes:

def books = Author.createCriteria().get{
          idEq("abc123") //'abc123' is your authorId
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