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I added a Localizable.strings to my project, but its not working... Here is a sample:

 NSLog(@"Welcome Text: %@", NSLocalizedString(@"WelcomeKey", @""));

The Localizable.strings:

Localizable.strings // DE    
"WelcomeKey" = "Willkommen!";


Localizable.strings // EN    
"WelcomeKey" = "Welcome!";

The Localization native development region is en

The NSLog in console is:

2013-05-11 04:45:49.552 App[13752:907] Welcome Text: WelcomeKey

Any ideas what's wrong ?

The localization from the Storyboard is working.

Codierung of both files are UTF-16

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Have you added a strings file to store the localized text. Click File > New > New File. This link will be helpful to you. Please check this localizable strings.

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yeah of course, I'd. –  Marv May 11 '13 at 9:22
Can you please mark it right, if it works for you. –  iDeveloper May 11 '13 at 9:42

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