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Here I'm creating a JavaScript object and converting it to a JSON string, but JSON.stringify returns "[object Object]" in this case, instead of displaying the contents of the object. How can I work around this problem, so that the JSON string actually contains the contents of the object?

var theObject = {name:{firstName:"Mark", lastName:"Bob"}};
alert(JSON.stringify(theObject.toString())); //this alerts "[object Object]"
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Alerts don't show objects, only strings, you should be using the console for that. And converting an object to a string does the same, you end up with [object Object], as that is the string representation of an object. – adeneo May 11 '13 at 3:43
theObject.toString() = "[object Object]" – Nirvana Tikku May 11 '13 at 3:59
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Use alert(JSON.stringify(theObject));

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how to get name from json string – oxygen May 31 at 12:19

The .toString() method is culprit. Remove it; and the fiddle shall work:

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var theObject = {name:{firstName:"Mark", lastName:"Bob"}};
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JSON.stringify returns "[object Object]" in this case

That is because you are calling toString() on the object before serializing it:

JSON.stringify(theObject.toString()) /* <-- here */

Remove the toString() call and it should work fine:

alert( JSON.stringify( theObject ) );
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