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I have been developing my own OS for quite sometime now. Not kernel hacking Linux - A operating system written from scratch. However I was mostly doing it on emulators. Recently I feel the need to move into some dev-boards.

My requirements -

  • Preferably multi-core processor
  • JTAG support
  • UART support which doesn't need additional peripherals (maybe even USB will do - I need to write a serial USB driver)
  • Good variety of peripheral connections
  • Reasonably priced
  • Board with a DSP core would be nice, but this is a minor requirement

I would like to know -

What's a good board for Intel? And what are the additional accessories I'll need?

The boards I saw on the Intel site were based on the Atom architecture. I would prefer things based on Pentium/Core.

What's a good board for PowerPC? And what are the additional accessories I'll need?

I have worked extensively with Freescale SOCs. However they're dev-boards are a bit pricy $1000+.

What's a good board for ARM? And what are the additional accessories I'll need?

Here the favourites are Raspberry PI and Beagle Board variants - However I can't really decide on one.

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