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I'm just beginning to learn file IO with Ruby, and had a question about being able to use ::expand_path to direct to a path separate from where my program is running.

Here is what I essentially would like to be able to do, but this unfortunately does not work for me.

require 'openuri'
require 'fileutils'

if File.expand_path.exists?("~/newpathdir/")"~/newpathdir/log.txt", "a+") {|f| f.write("#{}       Directory is good.  Returning...") }        #If directory is present, does nothing
        FileUtils.mkdir_p.expand_path("~/newpathdir/")"~/newpathdir/log.txt", "a+") {|f| f.write("#{}       Directory not found.  Creating...") }       #If directory not found, writes to log

def writeLatestToFile
    tweet_file ="~/newpathdir/latest_tweet.txt", "a+")       #Opens file
        if tweet_file       #Checks if file opened correctly
            tweet_file.syswrite("#{@latest_tweet["ID"]}\n#{@latest_tweet["Tweet"]}")        #Appends latest_command information to latest_command.txt
  "~/newpathdir/log.txt", 'a+') {|f| f.write("#{}       Error opening tweet_file.txt") }        #If error in opening file, writes to log

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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How does this not work? What problems are you facing? – squiguy May 11 '13 at 4:18
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Is this what you want?

require 'fileutils'

def append(path, message)
  path = File.expand_path path
  FileUtils.mkdir_p File.dirname(path), "a+") {|f| f.write "#{message}\n" }

def log(path, message)
  append(path, "#{} #{message}")

append('~/newpathdir/latest_tweet', "123456\nLatestTweet")
log('~/newpathdir/log', 'Hello world')

Maybe you should also try Logger. Class: Logger (Ruby 1.9.3)

require 'logger'
require 'fileutils'

path = File.expand_path '~/newnewpathdir/tweets_logger.log'
FileUtils.mkdir_p File.dirname(path)
log =

log.debug('Hello world.')'Info message.')
log.error('Error message.')
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Awesome thank you so much! – kfriede May 12 '13 at 0:18

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