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I am using jQuery get method to load html's data to store in to my array, for that i use this method:

var temps = function(views){
    var tempts = [];
    $.each(views, function(i,view){
        tempts.push($.get("templates/" + view + ".html"), function(data){
        console.log(data);//i am not getting response text.. getting array object.


while i console the data i am getting a array object as like this:

[Object { readyState= 4,  responseText="<div id="login">\n  <form...eldset>\n   </form>\n</div>",  status=200,  more...}, function()]

what is wrong here... how to get response text directly..?

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Looks like the callback is defined outside the $.get call


tempts.push($.get("templates/" + view + ".html", function(data){console.log(data);}));
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In your code you're not actually handling the response at all...you're just sending the GET request out into thin air.

In order to handle the response you need to pass a callback function to $.get (called the "success" callback because it's the function that's run if the request returns successfully):

$.get("templates/" + view + ".html", function(data) {
    //do something with data
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