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I have a dynamic dropdown list which has value attribute set up as "4107,2632". When I apply filter I have only one value as 4107 which is available in the dropdown option in value attribute. The rendered html for dropdown list is

<select id="ddlFilterGoal">
    <option value="All">Goals / Folders</option>
    <option value="4124,2632">1234567890 (APPp PUB)</option>
    <option value="4123,2645">aaaa sdsssss (NNN Employee)</option>
    <option value="4088,2629">Default (nb nb)</option>
    <option value="4107,2632">Goal with start date only (APPp PUB)</option>

Now I am trying to select the option like this

$("#ddlFilterGoal option:value:contains('4107')").val(); - no error but option not get selected, it gives the default option "All" 
$("#ddlFilterGoal option:[value:contains('4107')"]).val(); - error with "]"

Please suggest me what I am doing wrong and how I can achieve this.

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Safest way to do this.

You might have another option with value that contains string 4107 ex:- 41072 etc. So best way is to filter out the exact value that you are looking for.


alert($("#ddlFilterGoal option").filter(function(){
     return $.inArray('4107' ,this.value.split(',')) > -1;


alert($("#ddlFilterGoal option").filter(function(){
     return $.inArray('4107' ,this.value.split(',')) > -1;

Contains selector will match the following one too as it contains 4107 in the value but actual you are looking for is 4107.

  <option value="41077,2632">Goal with start date only (APPp PUB)</option>

More Precisely:-

var match=$("#ddlFilterGoal option").filter(function(){
     return $.inArray('4107' ,this.value.split(',')) > -1;
}).get(0); //<-- Remove get(0) to get array of values incase of multiple matches.

    alert('No match');
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yeah, i had considered the fact that the value could be present in multiple option elements.. but that wasn't specified and I figured the issue was really with the selector. – Nirvana Tikku May 11 '13 at 6:24
No, not about multiple option element.. Check my answer updates... – PSL May 11 '13 at 6:26
well, regardless of the values being 4107 or it being present as a substring.. but anyways, it's a fair point – Nirvana Tikku May 11 '13 at 6:28
I am using "jquery-ui-1.9.2.custom.min.js" but I am getting error Object #<Object> has no method 'first' – nrsharma May 11 '13 at 6:29
Yup Contains is little tricky.. mostly we use it for text match to apply styles or something like that, but for data processing like this this could cause unexpected issues.. – PSL May 11 '13 at 6:40

$("#ddlFilterGoal option[value*='4107']").val();

For more info, see: http://api.jquery.com/attribute-contains-selector/

Note: this answer provides insight into the solution for what you were trying to do re: contains. I haven't assumed what your data looks like, so this answer doesn't suggest to use this for looking up option values in a select list, rather, it provides insight into how to use the attribute contains selector

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