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I'm using this Masked Input plugin: for my field input.

This plugin allows for optional fields easily enough, such as for example a telephone extension.

Anything listed after '?' within the mask is considered optional user input.

This is a solution for something being optional at the beginning:

jquery masked input have only first number optional rest mandatory

I'm trying to have a prefix of the telephone format +999 9 999 9999, where the prefix can be one of the words: Phone, Call, Contact, and then optional a colon :.

$.mask.definitions['~'] = '(Phone|Call|Contact)?(:( )?)?';
$("#en_Phone_Number").mask("~+999 9 999 9999",{placeholder:" "});

This doesn't work. Any help?

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Why are you asking this for the second time?… –  drinchev May 11 '13 at 8:40

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