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Is it possible to add a dynamic picture to a paramter in rdlc? for example:

=SWITCH(Parameters!picture.Value="1","picture1.jpg", Parameters!picture.Value="2","picture2.png") or something similar?

or any other way to use the parameter's value to be the guide for the dynamic picture?

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Yes this is possible. See this blog entry for a good explanation.

In short do the following:

  • Set the pictures Source property to the value "External"
  • Set the pictures Value property to an expression like "=Parameters!PathToPicture.Value"
  • Set the EnableExternalImages property of the ReportViewer or the LocalReport-object to true
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You can set the parameter value to be the path to the selected picture. Then just set the Image Source to External. There are other ways to this; if this is not fine just say.

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