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Is there a different way to terminate strings in JavaScript?

I'm testing a server for XSS vulnerabilities, and I'm seeing the following code in the HTTP response:


The user-controlled string comes from the URL and all double quotes are removed before the response is generated. Besides that, all other characters are allowed.

Is XSS possible?

(And ,yes, I know the proper thing to do here would would hex encode(\xHH) all non-alphanumeric characters as per recommended by the OWASP XSS Prevention Cheat Sheet, but from I tester's perspective I want to know if I could exploit this.)

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Yes, you can perform an attack: http://jsfiddle.net/vTmq6/1/

var myVar = "</script><script>alert('hacked');</script>";
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A </script> would denote the script element’s end tag regardless of whether the resulting JavaScript code is valid or not. This is due to the restrictions on the contents of raw text elements, which the script element belongs to:

The text in raw text and RCDATA elements must not contain any occurrences of the string "</" (U+003C LESS-THAN SIGN, U+002F SOLIDUS) followed by characters that case-insensitively match the tag name of the element followed by one of "tab" (U+0009), "LF" (U+000A), "FF" (U+000C), "CR" (U+000D), U+0020 SPACE, ">" (U+003E), or "/" (U+002F).

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