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I have a set of points (2D), say A0, A1, A2, ..., A100

I would like to animate those points in a way to have a curve drawn from them, so in the first frame the curve will contain


(So a single points), then the next frame will have the next point


Then in the next frame,


And so on, and in 50 frames


How can I do that? I would like t define the points at the beginning of the file, and then have them used later (maybe in an array?), since in reality I use 2000 points, which would be crazy to define manually.

I'm doing this because I'm preparing some HTML5 presentation.

Any alternatives (vector graphics) are welcome. Thank you for any efforts.

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Check out the jsDraw2d SVG library that connects your points with curves.

In this demo, click any wild pattern of dots in the box and then click [draw curve]


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