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I have multiple Edittext in my activity i want to hide by defult keyboard when view shows and show keyboard only when edittext is clicked i am not getting how to do this thanks Advance:)

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it's not working. –  Arun May 11 '13 at 9:03
there are lots of answer, non of them working ? –  chintan khetiya May 11 '13 at 9:08
Here is also a hack for you, only added a linearlayout into your xml file. gist.github.com/XinyueZ/cc0be271686491dcf6e6 –  TeeTracker Aug 20 '14 at 12:11

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try this.

protected void onResume() {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub

    answer_et.postDelayed(new Runnable() {
    public void run() {
        InputMethodManager imm = (InputMethodManager)getSystemService(
        imm.hideSoftInputFromWindow(edit_text.getWindowToken(), 0);
    }, 100);


sometime edittext get focus after manually hide soft-keyboard.

so, delay 100 mSeconds and then after hide it forcefully in onResume() method.

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